"God reroutes us to point us in the right direction"

"We often talk about "The other side", but usually not from an eyewitness account. In this story, we are fortunate to hear about the events that led up to the incredible experience, the visitation to the other side, and the impact it has on a young lady's life."

To Heaven & Back

Book Features

The Greatness of Heaven

There is no death, no pain, no hunger, no crying, no worries, and no one is uncomfortable. It is a world where everyone gets along, and no one lack anything. 

Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

Losing my memory caused me to forget my past in order to create a much greater future. Sometimes, tragedy can reroute you to your destiny.

The Impact of Second chances

Everyone makes mistakes, but God provides opportunities to correct the mistakes we've made. However, it's up to us to take advantage of that opportunity. 

Book Author

Dorin Melida Collins is a Marriage and Family Therapist, who has dedicated her life to the service of reconstructing the broken. In addition to counseling, she is also an author, public speaker, life coach, Facilitator, and blessed mother and proud wife of a senior pastor. She was unable to complete her nursing (RN) degree due to her brain injury, but God had another plan for her life. Years after discovering her true self, God redirected her into the career that will change many lives. She finds fulfillment in helping those who are broken and with God's guidance, she empowers them to maximize their potential and become the best of them self. Dorin believes that everyone has a special purpose in life and the fulfillment of that purpose, is what makes life worth living.

Dorin Collins







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Lost Between Two Worlds

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Dorin Collins

I write because I want to help people and I believe that others can benefit and learn from my experiences. Growing up, I wasn't allowed to have a voice, so writing gives me a platform to be heard instead of holding it inside, which only made me miserable, frustrated, and angry. I believe everyone has a story and our stories are not only for ourselves, but for others.

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We offer a range of affordable services for adults and their families. We provide group and 1-on-1 facilitating for both men, women and children who are ordered by the court to participate in a Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Parenting and Pastoral Counseling as needed.

Dorin Collins

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